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Fri February 9, 2024 By On Significant Cases

Compton Superior Court Hung Jury, 5-month trial, Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Our client was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit four murders, and another conspiracy to commit murder.  There is no substitute for thorough preparation. Our hard work paid off. The charge of conspiracy to commit four murders […]

Capital Case Defense Seminar 2024

Fri February 9, 2024 By On Events

The Capital Case Defense Seminar has been the largest death penalty seminar in the nation for 45 years. This seminar is an intensive educational opportunity for anyone involved in, or considering taking on, the defense of a capital case. It is not only designed for lawyers, but also for mitigation […]

Featured Upcoming Event

Fri May 5, 2023 By On Events

Noted criminal trial attorney, Adrian Baca is a featured faculty member for the The Gerry Spence Method’s three-week summer program.  Click here to learn more about the Gerry Spence Method summer program.

Significant Case Results – 2022

Thu June 16, 2022 By On Significant Cases

Case Dismissed: Criminal Threat and Batter Our client was accused of threatening to kill her boyfriend and beating up his sister. We prepared extensively for the preliminary hearing. The judge granted our request to reduce the felony criminal threat charge (a strike) to a misdemeanor at the preliminary hearing. The […]