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Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Client Testimonials



When was the last time that you felt really listened to, rather than the other person trying to think of what they were going to say next? Adrian Baca listens and offers you: compassion, understanding, wisdom, and especially integrity when it comes to defending your loved one.

His expertise and thorough investigation techniques take hundreds of hours and yet he does not stop, or give up even when things get crazy difficult.

Most importantly, because he studies human nature, he is able to pick up on every single nuance that he sees from all parties involved and is able to get you the best conceivable outcome.

We are grateful that he saved our son from a lifetime in prison, for a crime he did not commit, attempted murder. I know everyone says they are not guilty, but in this case it was true and Mr. Baca was able to prove that with the result being probation.

An eternally grateful mother and father



“Adrian Baca is a friend and one of the greatest people I have ever met. If you need someone in your corner when you are in a bad situation, Adrian is the one.

I have a very tough case against me and the prospects looked pretty bad. I met with many top lawyers in LA and in the end, I picked Adrian above all of them. The reason I picked Adrian was that I felt he was truly on my side, he treated me with extreme dignity, he was in it for justice and not money, he is a decent human being that believed in me, and gave me support when I needed it most. For that, I am forever grateful.

The result was I got a full acquittal at trial against one of the most ferocious prosecutors.

If you are lucky enough to have Adrian on your side, you should feed blessed and grateful. He will do everything for you and deliver the best results.”

(Client was a prominent professional with a security clearance. Any conviction would have ended his career).


“Mr. Baca took our case and believed in his client. He thoroughly investigated and represented his client with integrity. Mr. Baca has been the absolute best lawyer we have experienced. We are extremely grateful for Mr. Baca and his dedication to justice for my family.”

(Client was charged with perjury. Case dismissed.)


“Adrian Baca is an excellent attorney, I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great, honest, hard-working, dedicated attorney. We hired him for a domestic violence case, he did a great job, we could not be happier with the outcome. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done.”

(Offer was 7 years. Prior to trial the prosecutor reduced the charge to a misdemeanor. No jail time.)


“I was on trial for murder. Mr. Baca regularly came to see me in jail. We prepared a lot. I felt confident in his approach. He tried my case like he was facing life in prison. The jury came back not guilty of murder. I was released from custody that day. I can’t thank him enough.” 

(Client was acquitted of all charges)


“I never doubted his ability and experience as an attorney. I am grateful for what he did for me. In my eyes, he really saved my life.” (Client found not guilty of sexual abuse)


“Mr. Baca is an amazing attorney. I have never experienced such a comfortable partnership with an attorney. He cares, he is diligent, determined and honest. In our case, we were looking at eight years on a domestic violence case. He resolved the case before trial for a misdemeanor with no jail. I am so grateful that we had him in on our side. I recommend Mr. Baca, you will not be disappointed.” (Compton Courthouse)


Adrian Baca is very professional, dedicated, honest and most importantly reliable. He knows his stuff and doesn’t hold back to fight for you. I highly recommend him to insure your freedom.”

(College-educated professional facing life in prison, case fully dismissed before trial)