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Los Angeles Post-Conviction Attorney

You’ve been convicted of a crime and completed probation, now what? 

You can file a petition to reduce certain felony convictions to a misdemeanor. (Penal Code § 17(b)) You can also file a petition to expunge your conviction. (Penal Code § 1203.4) Typically, these petitions are not complicated. However, if you violated probation or the circumstances around your felony conviction are complicated, then you are usually better off filing a formal motion with the court. We have had felony convictions reduced to misdemeanors. We had cases where our client violated probation, but we still were able to reduce the conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor, with their criminal conviction expunged.

What happens if you’re not a United States Citizen?

If you are not a United States Citizen, a prior conviction can result in denial or revocation of immigration status. (Penal Code sec 1016.5) An expungement will not help in these circumstances. You may be entitled to vacate your guilty plea if you can establish you were not properly advised of the immigration consequences of your plea. We have successfully vacated felony pleas ranging from drug sales to sex crimes. If you never would have plead guilty had you been properly advised of the immigration consequences of your plea, then you may qualify for relief. The best way to determine whether you qualify is to obtain a full copy of your court file, including your plea transcript. Contact us if a prior conviction is affecting your immigration status.