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You will not be alone. I care and your case becomes my problem to solve. How will I do this? I understand the criminal justice system and I know strategies and how to use that knowledge to provide the best possible defense for my clients. I have helped a lot of people that have faced life-changing consequences. I have a strong track record of success, achieving “not guilty” verdicts, dismissals and reduced sentences for clients.

I believe that my clients deserve nothing less than my best, so I work hard. I continue to dedicate countless hours to hone my skills to provide my clients with the type of representation I would want if I were charged with a crime. I know the law and I have dedicated my life to leveling the playing field because I have seen firsthand how the system can be stacked against defendants.

I represent individuals charged with serious crimes. My practice is focused in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. My clients know that they can rely on me. I keep clients informed and offer honest, straightforward, and strategic advice. Clients are involved in their defense and make the most important decisions affecting their lives. My primary goal is to protect and defend my clients.

I have the right type of experience, and my reputation as a formidable trial lawyer was earned through hard work, dedication and perseverance. I graduated in 2012 from Gerry Spence’s trial program in Wyoming. I was asked to join his teaching staff, where I have been a permanent faculty member since 2015.