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Author: Adrian Baca

Significant Case Results – 2022

Thu June 16, 2022 By On Events

Case Dismissed: Criminal Threat and Batter Our client was accused of threatening to kill her boyfriend and beating up his sister. We prepared extensively for the preliminary hearing. The judge granted our request to reduce the felony criminal threat charge (a strike) to a misdemeanor at the preliminary hearing. The […]

Significant Case Results – 2021

Thu December 30, 2021 By On Events

Compton Superior Court – Preparation Pays Off with Murder Case Dismissal Our client was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and multiple counts of assault. This was a five-defendant case, so we prepared around the clock for the preliminary hearing. The police obtained a huge amount of video surveillance, […]

Compton Courthouse – Criminal Defense

Tue March 16, 2021 By On Events

March 2021 – As a criminal defense firm here in Los Angeles, experience and commitment are more than words for us, they are who we are and what we do.    The Case Our client was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and three counts of assault with a […]

Murder Post-Conviction Victory

Thu September 17, 2020 By On Events

Los Angeles Murder Post-Conviction Victory today! As a Los Angeles post-conviction criminal attorney, Adrian M. Baca has tackled many difficult cases. Today’s victory proves that his knowledge, hard work and tenacity pay off big for our clients.  We were appointed 18 months ago to try and get our client re-sentenced […]