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Significant Case Results – 2021

Thu December 30, 2021 By On Events

Compton Superior Court – Preparation Pays Off with Murder Case Dismissal

Our client was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and multiple counts of assault. This was a five-defendant case, so we prepared around the clock for the preliminary hearing.

The police obtained a huge amount of video surveillance, cell phone records, and Google location data. As a result, the preliminary hearing took several days.

We managed to get the google location data excluded because we showed that the lead detective was not qualified to testify as an expert.

The judge found insufficient evidence for murder, conspiracy to commit murder and all the assault with a deadly weapon charges. The court ordered her immediate release.

Sometimes you need to treat the preliminary hearing like a trial. This case proves that being 100% prepared for the preliminary hearing pays off.

Los Angeles Court – Three Strikes but Instead Out to a Program

Our client was facing 25 years-to-life. He had two prior “strikes” and picked up a new violent felony, which would mean a third strike for him.

We were able to establish that he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a prior work-related accident, and separately that he was the victim of a crime, where he was beaten and suffered a concussion.

Our client pled to a reduced charge. He was granted probation and was then subsequently released to a mental health program.

Orange County Superior Court – Potential Life in Prison Does a 180

Our client was charged with attempted murder, torture, and domestic violence. He was facing life in prison.

Our office performed a thorough defense investigation, which yielded a probation offer of just another 180 days in jail from the prosecutor, which our client accepted.

Los Angeles Superior Court – Home for the Holidays

Our client was charged with attempted murder. We undertook a painstaking investigation, which included going over video surveillance frame by frame, reviewing all the police officer body worn cameras, and coming up with an alternative plausible scenario to attempted murder.

This was a three-defendant case, so the preliminary hearing took several days. We were able to weaken the credibility of the lead investigator and a civilian witness that testified to events that did not happen.

Just prior to trial, the our client accepted a probation offer for time served, and pled to being an accessory. The client is now home with his family for the holidays.

Los Angeles Superior Court – Potential Strike Stricken

Our client was charged with criminal threats, which is a felony. There were many delays and failed negotiation attempts to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor, so we moved forward to a preliminary hearing.

We conducted a thorough investigation so we were prepared for the preliminary hearing. After presenting our case, the judge agreed our client was overcharged. The judge doubted the strength of the case and agreed with the defense to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor.