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Thu September 17, 2020 By On Significant Cases

Murder Post-Conviction Victory

Los Angeles Murder Post-Conviction Victory today!

As a Los Angeles post-conviction criminal attorney, Adrian M. Baca has tackled many difficult cases. Today’s victory proves that his knowledge, hard work and tenacity pay off big for our clients. 

We were appointed 18 months ago to try and get our client re-sentenced for a murder conviction. 

Our client was sentenced to 15 years-to-life and has been in jail for 20 long years. He has a wife waiting for him after all these years. The trial court denied our petition, ruling that the new re-sentencing law was unconstitutional. We appealed that ruling. The court of appeal agreed with us that the new law is indeed constitutional and sent the case back to the trial court for a further re-sentencing hearing.


After an additional briefing, the court set argument for today. We were able to establish that our client was not the shooter, and that he engaged in no proactive act that caused the shooting, and also that the prosecutor could not establish he aided and abetted the killer. The court granted our petition and vacated his murder conviction.

We were happy to call his wife and let her know that he should be released today and would be returning home to her at long last. 

These are uncertain times, but you can be certain that we will leave no stone unturned when fighting for you in your Los Angeles criminal post-conviction case. 

Our office is unique in that we can handle appellate cases that require strong research in writing. Unlike in a jury trial, in post-conviction matters, the deciding factor is the judge. In both jury trials and post-conviction work, the key to our success is a personal investment in the outcome for our clients. Today’s murder post-conviction victory is a testament to our dedication to our clients. 

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