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2020 – $500,000 Dollar Bail Reduced to Zero ($0)

Tue June 23, 2020 By On Significant Cases

Client has been in custody since April. His bail was $500,000.00. He witnessed his girlfriend being murdered. He was too scared to go to court. He missed appearing at court a few times. He was jailed as a material witness and could have remained there until he testified at the criminal trial for the murder, which wouldn’t happen for another three months.

He retained us yesterday. Spent two hours with him in jail, then prepared for today.

Following the bail review hearing the judge reduced his bail to zero and ordered his release on his own recognizance.

Argued to the court that the Sheriff has released 5000 inmates due to Covid-19 concerns, but kept a WITNESS in jail. Reminded the court how stir crazy we were being home with the California stay-at-home orders. Subsequently asked the court to imagine being in a dark cell, 6 x 9, by yourself, 24 hours a day (protective custody),  for three months.

Prepped client yesterday to address the court today at the Long Beach Courthouse. Our client told his story. The judge got it. Our client was released.