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Compton Courthouse – Criminal Defense

Tue March 16, 2021 By On Events

March 2021 – As a criminal defense firm here in Los Angeles, experience and commitment are more than words for us, they are who we are and what we do.   

The Case

Our client was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Due to the severity of her charges, she was facing a minimum of 25 years-to-life in prison. Her bail was also set at a daunting $4,000,000.00.

The Preliminary Hearing

Despite the short time, we went forward with the preliminary hearing within ten days of taking the case. We had to do intensive preparation for this technically complicated criminal defense case. We also employed our intimate knowledge of cell phone tracking. 

Criminal Defense Result

After a four-day preliminary hearing, the court dismissed all charges against our client. She is now home again instead of facing at least a year in jail waiting for trial. 

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